There are some posts that are more visible on facebook while others are not. This is determined by Fabook.Inc by governing the way in which the posts appear in friends, fans and followers timelines. While you may think that your post is important facebook may determine otherwise. In order to improve on the number of people who see your posts here are some few tips:

  1. Using positive language. Happy, inspiring and positive posts are more likely to be shared as opposed to the negative ones. Having done an experiment and confirmed this, Facebook has incorporated this into the system such that posts that are negative tend to be less visible. Being positive will therefore see you get more attention as opposed to the opposite.
  2. Posting major events. Offering congratulatory messages on big life events such as gradations, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries is very common on facebook. Such events also tend to attract a lot of likes. Posting such events also emits positive feeling to both the poster and the people who share in the joy. Highlighting such an event in your posts will no doubt ensure that your post remain visible for a long time and is seen by all.
  3. Keep up with the trending topics. As a social media platform, more people are now relying on facebook to get the latest news as well as keep up with the latest trends. Having posts that have information on the trending topics is therefore a sure way to improve your visibility. It is also important that the trending topics are able to cut across the board for more visibility.
  4. Make use of links. Using links on facebook makes its algorithm consider the post as indicative of sharing recent news story or very important information. The link is therefore turned into a preview and is made visible to more people.
  5. Use pictures. As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Using pictures captures people’s attention and it is therefore likely that they will like, comment and even share a picture many more times as opposed to a plain post. The more it is viewed the more it will remain visible.
  6. Make your post to get likes shares and comments. Asking your fans, friends and followers to like share or comment on your post may be considered as spam by facebook and therefore might be weeded out. However you can get a positive reaction on your posts by posting on what your friends care about.
  7. Get the right timing. There are times when people are active on facebook. In most cases this happens between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. with peak hours being right after 9 a.m. and over lunchtime. During these periods you can be sure that your posts will get a wider reach.

Listed above are very simple ways of ensuring that your posts are always on top of the rest without spending any extra cash. Buy likes is also another way that you can increase the number of people following you thereby increasing the number of people who view your posts.